There're many different types of Polyurethane,the four basic types are:








As a general guide, Polyethers are recommended for applications were parts undergo dynamic stress, ie, they incur lower heat build-up. They also

have advantagesin resilience, low temperature performance and resistance to water attack (hydrolysis).Polyethers also have lower viscosity and

specific gravity.


Polyester base urethanes have superior cut, tear, abrasion, oil and solvent resistance.


MDI based products have lower isocyanate odour than similar


TDI types and have superior hydrolysis resistance and higher resilience. TDI based products are less sensitive to moisture, have shorter demould

timeand lowercure temperature requirements compared to MDI types.


Pu applications:


Polyurethane is used widely in many industrial fields; some applications are shown as follows.


Industry Application
Automotive Grommets, bearings, bushes, flexible couplings.
Building and Constructions Moulds for concrete , gate seals, concrete pump ports
Coated fabrics Conveyor belts, fuel storage tanks, power transmission belts
Electrical Encapsulation, insulation, potting, cable joining.
Engineered components Gears, sprockets, wire guides, rail draft gear, stripper plates, press brake pads, textile yarn guides, cutting boards, business machine Belts, couplings.
Food Chute lining, grain buckets
Mining Bucker liners, conveyor rollers, scraper blades, floatation cell impellers, pump linings, grading screens, lined pipes, cross-over pads.
Oil, Chemical and Marine Bushings, bearings, hydrocyclones, buoys, pipeline pigs and scrapers, fenders, valve seats.
Rollers Board rollers, nip rollers, metal forming, printing, conveyor, can coating, paper mill.
Wheel and tyres Fork-lift tyres, heavy duty caster wheels, escalator wheels, roller skate wheels, roller blade wheels.
Shoe Industry Shoe soles, bottom-moulding diaphragms, wear plates, energy absorbing insoles.
Seals and gaskets Pneumatic and oil seals, diaphragms

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