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FS PHS Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer


Sodium silicate traditionally used as a peroxide stabilizer in the peroxide bleaching of mechanical, chemi-mechanical and deinked pulp may cause deposits and runnability problems downstream, for example spots and holes in the paper. It also has a significant impact on cationic demand downstream in the process.


Our replacement of silicate-free polymer with good bleach effect is FS PHS. 


FS PHS has good bleach effect as hydrogen peroxide stabilizer when it is used in pulp-making and textile pretreatment process. It can control Hydrogen peroxide decomposition rate in different PH value, and it is acted as chelate agent for all kind of heavy metal ion in solution.


Main composition: poly alpha hydroxy acrylic sodium salt




Appearance:                 yellow liquid

Ion characterize:           anion polymer

PH        :                         6-8

Solubility    :                   dissolvable in water

content :                         25% wt



Can be applied in pulp and paper-making processing and fabric pretreatment for cotton, flax, linen/cotton blended fabric.



FS PHS (25% wt solution)        3.0 ~ 10.0 g per liter 37%wt hydrogen peroxide solution.

Bromoisobutyrychloride  TDS



FScure151  TDS


CAS No: 163702-01-0 is mixed by CAS: 2-hydroxy-1-{1-[4-(2-hydroxy-2-methyl-propionyl)-phenyl]-1,3,3-trimethyl-indan-5-yl}-2-methyl-propan-1-one, CAS NO:[135452-43-6] and 2-hydroxy-1-{3-[4-(2-hydroxy-2-methyl-propionyl)-phenyl]-1,1,3-trimethyl-indan-5-yl}-2-methyl-propan-1-one,  CAS NO:[135452-42-5] 


FSorb 1130




FS 1700 is water-based acrylated polyurethane (aliphatic) dispersion. Its viscosity can be adjusted by adding water and therefore no diluted monomer is required. FS 1700 can be used both independently and formulated with the other components. It has outstanding transparency and wood wetting .


FS1700 is a tacky liquid and might be emulsified after mixed with water or organic compounds, however no effect would be caused on the products.


The main performance is:


-Dilutable at any proportion with water-

-Good compatibility with other components

-Fast curing speed

-Excellent wood wetting




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